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Attending Services at St. Demetrios in Regard to COVID-19

Updated August 1, 2021

Given the San Francisco Metropolis’ announcement June 18, 2021 and balancing the current Washington state guidance effective June 30, 2021, the following recommendations are now in place for St. Demetrios. We sincerely appreciate your support during the past 18 months to keep our community safe. Please be reminded that while restrictions are being lifted, the virus is not eliminated completely at this point and some precautions continue to be necessary.

Washington will be fully reopened on June 30, 2021, but some people will be required to continue wearing masks.

The Governor’s Office has confirmed the state will lift the mask requirement after 13 months for people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, but unvaccinated Washingtonians are required to continue to wear masks or other face coverings until further notice. This also includes children under age 12 but older than 2. When unvaccinated people gather, especially indoors, they are at risk of both getting COVID-19 as well as spreading it to others.

Fully vaccinated is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as two weeks from the second shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or from the single shot of Johnson & Johnson.

  1. Fully vaccinated can be unmasked at their choice
  2. Unvaccinated, including those 4-12 yes of age, must continue to be masked at all times
  3. Temperature checks will be discontinued
  4. There will be no capacity limits for attending services
  5. Social distancing will no longer be in place
  6. Registration for services will be discontinued

From the Metropolis June 18, 2021

In following the guidelines of the CDC, we will no longer be requiring reservations for services. Our parishes should continue safety measures (hand washing, social distancing, masks) as they deem appropriate and in accordance with local and state guidelines. Parishes may continue to offer live-streaming services.

As Christians, we have an ethical obligation to protect all people. Those not fully vaccinated are recommended (please note in WA they are required) to continue to wear masks in order to protect themselves and others from potential exposure. As faith, trust, and love are guiding principles for us as Orthodox Christians, we will not ask nor require proof of vaccination.

We must demonstrate respect and love as a Christian family to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, some of whom may wish to continue to wear masks during worship. There are still groups of people unable to be vaccinated (children under 12) as well as others who may have a condition or take medications that weaken the immune system and, even though vaccinated, may not be fully protected. Even after vaccination, some may need or merely wish to continue taking all precautions.


We are excited to return to worship with fewer restrictions and welcome those who have been attending and those we hope will return. In addition, we hope to begin coffee hour following Sunday liturgy as well. More to follow on in person Ministries this fall. Again, sincere thanks and appreciation for your patience and support during this time.

Many thanks to our reopening team, led by Georgine Looney, for their efforts to keep us all safe and healthy.

Fr. Photios & Fr. James

Reopening Team

Light a Virtual Candle

An integral part of our Orthodox worship is lighting a candle as we enter the Church. Prayers are important especially during this difficult time. Our church doors are now open in limited capacity (see above). If you're not able to attend quite yet, you can still have candles lit and prayers said for you and your loved ones. Please submit your request on the form below, click on a donation amount, and Fr. Photios will light candles and say prayers for you and your loved ones at the next scheduled service.

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