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Attending Services at St. Demetrios in Regard to COVID-19

Updated November 1, 2021

Effective August 23, 2021 Washington State is requiring masking of both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in all indoor settings. This will apply to services/activities at St. Demetrios.

In light of the current situation in King County the following recommendations are made for St. Demetrios Ministries (Sunday School, Language classes, Dance, Altar Servers, Philoptochos, St Martin de Poore, etc). These recommendations are subject to change based on the changing status of cases in the State/King County and local guidance.

CDC/King County recommendations for masking, social distancing, hand-washing and vaccination will be followed.

  • Sunday School may return to in-person classes in September, however the CDC Guidance for Covid-19 Prevention in K-12 must be followed. This includes masking, 3 feet distancing, hand-washing, and a strong recommendation that teachers are vaccinated.
  • Dance Group may resume, however consideration for social distancing requires consideration given the physical proximity of dance. Whenever possible practices should be outside.
  • Altar Servers under the age of 12 will not serve in the Altar at this time. Those over 12 and vaccinated may serve at the discretion of parents and clergy.
  • Hall Rental will be considered on a case-by-case basis for outside groups.
  • Facility Use for St. Demetrios Groups requires approval and must be consistent with local guidelines as well as those provided by the Metropolis: Ministry Meetings-When approved, parish ministries may meet and utilize parish facilities for the conduct of their respective missions upon receiving appropriate approvals. Approval to Meet-The final decision to open for an in-person meeting should be agreed upon by the respective Proistamenos, the parish’s Re-opening Team, its Health Officer, and the Parish Council. Ministries, or groups, may not conduct “in-person” gatherings or meetings until they have received the blessing of the Proistamenos on behalf of the above parties.

Local and CDC guidelines for St. Demetrios services remain in place.

CDC guidelines July 27, 2021:


Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools:



Questions may be sent to the reopeningteam@saintdemetrios.com.

Again thank you for your continued support. 

         Fr. Photios, Fr. James and the Reopening Team

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An integral part of our Orthodox worship is lighting a candle as we enter the Church. Prayers are important especially during this difficult time. Our church doors are now open in limited capacity (see above). If you're not able to attend quite yet, you can still have candles lit and prayers said for you and your loved ones. Please submit your request on the form below, click on a donation amount, and Fr. Photios will light candles and say prayers for you and your loved ones at the next scheduled service.

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