Memorial Services

If you desire to have a Memorial Service for a departed loved one you should make arrangements with the church office at least two weeks prior to the day desired.

Memorial Services are not held:

  1. All Holy Days of our Lord (Despotikai Eortai): Christmas, Epiphany, Pascha, Transfiguration, etc.
  2. From the Saturday of Lazarus to and including St. Thomas Sunday
  3. Pentecost Sunday
  4. August 15

Memorial Services are usually held on the:

  1. 40th day
  2. Sixth month
  3. First year
  4. Third year
  5. Saturday of the Souls set aside throughout the Church Year

What you should bring:

  1. Koliva (Call the church office if you want someone to make the koliva) Prosphora (prosfora/prosforon), if desired List of names to be commemorated (print first name only)