About Our Parish

St. Demetrios is home to over 680 families, many of whom are 3rd and 4th generation descendents of the original founding families of our community. We are proud however, that our Orthodox Faith has attracted many who have chosen to convert to Orthodoxy and that have now become a part of the fabric of our present day community, and we celebrate the passion for Christ and enthusiasm that they and all of our parishioners bring to St. Demetrios.

Our parish is served by the Rev. Fr. Photios Dumont, who is our lead priest and pastor (Proistamenos) and the Rev. Dn. Perry Angelos. Office hours for Fr. Photios  are Monday thru Wednesday and Friday from 9 am - 5 pm, however during these hours, he can be out making hospital visitations or ministering to our community. Deacon Perry does not keep regular office hours. It is best to make an appointment with Fr. Photios by calling our church office at 206-631-2501.

We strive to welcome all visitors and those that are curious and interested in our Orthodox Faith.

Our History

St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church has its beginnings in Seattle reaching over 100 years ago. On November 26, 1894, Nicholas George donated his property at 817 Lakeview Avenue to what at the time was known as the Greek-Russian Church. The church first appeared in the city directory in 1895 as the Greek Catholic Mission Church at 817 Lakeview. In 1897, the directory listed the church as the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Spiridon. In 1898 it was the Greco-Russian Orthodox Church of St. Spiridon at 811 Lakeview. In 1899, the name was the same but spelled Greeko-Russian Orthodox Church. By 1918, the church was listed as the Greek Russian Orthodox Church but the address was given as 757 Lakeview Boulevard.

In 1915, the Greeks began thinking of a church of their own, largely because of their increasing numbers. In 1916, the Greek Orthodox Community of Seattle was incorporated and property was purchased at Yale Avenue North and Thomas Street, the home of the first St. Demetrios Church. The church was dedicated on November 20, 1921. The Seattle Post Intelligencer ran a picture of the opening with the following caption, "St. Demetrios Church which has just been completed at a cost of $50,000. This is the only church of this denomination in the State of Washington".

The first St. Demetrios Church structure was sold in order to build the current church at 2100 Boyer Avenue East. The former church structure was demolished in 1995 to make way for the new REI Flagship store. REI did commemorate the site of the first St. Demetrios with a historical plaque. The present St. Demetrios Church was completed in 1962 and dedicated on March 31, 1963. It was designed by Paul Thiry, one of the principal architects of the Seattle Worlds Fair in 1962.