Young Adult League

YAL is the ministry for single adults between 18 and 35 years of age. Fellowship, Service, Witness and Worship are the four pillars of this ministry. YAL meetings take a well-balanced approached of Orthodox Christian education & discussion, social activities and fellowship.

YAL meets at various times and locations throughout the year for monthly activities, fundraisers, and philanthropic events.

It is a lively, energetic, and dedicated group and we invite all young adults to join us at our meetings.

Please call our Youth Director at 206.631.2504 or email Lefteris Sitaras at for details of our next event.

YAL Whirlyball
It was a great night of Whirlyball with extremely close matches between
Victoria's Team Yellow and McKenzie's Team Red.  
Congrats to VIP Athan Dumont and thanks to everyone who participated.

It was a dark and stormy evening at Edmond's Robinhood Lanes for the first annual YAL Bowling Championships. After weeks of competition three teams gathered with the same goal in mind...engraving their names on the coveted trophy.

Team Split Happens (Chris Pedersen, George Tramountanas, Josh Banchero and George Plumis filling in for the absent Ellie Pedersen) scored well enough during the season to earn a first round bye. This put team Stavros (Alexi & Vlasi Stavros, Yianni Maroutsos and Zach Clark) against Olympiakos (Sophia & Georgia Panagiatopoulos and Vasili & Katherine Dikeakos) for the play-off game.

In true underdog fashion Olympiakos or "the handicaps" as they were quickly becoming known, snuck past team Stavros to catapult them into the championship game. Could the fact that NFC championship game was in overtime and playing on the big screen behind them played a part in this victory, distracting team Stavros? The world will never know.

Split Happens, anxious to put their trash talking to the test, began strong while Olympiakos opted for the "slow and steady" approach. With the score close to even, unofficial Olympiakos captain, Vasili Dikeakos motivated his troops with an inspiring yet informative "just keep in the lane" rally cry. Split Happens bowler, George Plumis ended his team's game with a spare in the 10th frame bringing their total score to an impressive 768. After an unscheduled timeout to dislodge a wayward pin, Sophia Panagiatopoulos' trademarked "dizzy yiayia" roll knocked down enough pins to secure the Handicaps' victory with a final score of 790.

Gracious Split Happens team member George Tramountanas complemented the champions saying they were a "great adversary" but that they'll "get them next year." Captain Chris Pedersen took the loss a bit more to heart, asking the Dikeakos' to teach his young twins how to be winners

In the 'everyone's a winner' category, Lefteri Sitaras, Yianni & Ted Maroutsos and Alexi Stavros collected an impressive 15 stuffed animals from the bowling alley crane machine bringing home Batman, a WSU bear and Valentine bears, among others. Look for them at a local youth director's office near you!

Thanks also to all of our other Bowlers: Melina & Teena Ageladaris, Niko Avlonitis, Christa Barbas, Pam Devekos, Jaqeline Mastromichalis, Despina Michelides, Stelio Panos, Alexi Pedersen, Alexandra Platis, Kristina Plumis, Lefteris Sitaras and Voula Kolios.